The sculptures of David McElroy reflect his life long fascination with all things mechanical combined with an artistic talent since early childhood.

"During WWII store bought toy's were scarce so we just made our own. Bits of assembled junk became our toy planes, and cars, and old radio parts our Buck Rogers space ships. As kids we learned to be creative, use our imagination and had great fun as we grew beyond childhood, graduated from high school and entered the "real" world."

After serving in the army during the Korean War McElroy attended the Art Center School of Design, and graduated with a degree in product design, the beginning of a 40 year professional career as an artist/designer. The past 15 years he specialized in toy design as a senior staff designer with the toy co., Mattel, Inc.

With retirement in 1998 came the opportunity to devote the majority of his creative efforts to a new career in sculpture, with the first major exhibit of his work "Tin Can Technology" at the Carole & Barry Kaye Museum of Miniatures.

When not creating his whimsical found object sculptures in his Pasadena design studio McElroy contributed his talents and experience to future toy designers as a part time faculty instructor at the Otis College of Art & Design.

David Charles McElroy / 1933 - 2003